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Vinci Autoroutes

VINCI Autoroutes keeps improving the safety of its highways and considers using drones to have a faster knowledge of events occurring on the highway.

Hionos helps VINCI Autoroutes guaranteeing the safety of its drone operations.

Cluster Drone Paris Region

For the PODIUM project, Cluster Drone Paris Region aims at deploying an UTM system on its airspace to demonstrate the advantages of such a system.

Hionos has been chosen to provide the tracker for flying drones.

Airstar Aerospace

Airstar Aerospace is developing a long range automatic blimp and requires an autopilot ensuring a high level of safety.

Hionos help Airstar Aerospace to define its system.

Meet Pulsar

One of the most highly reliable autopilot system, compliant with international aeronautical standards.


Meeting the demanding DO-178C standard at its highest level of criticality (DAL A), it enables the use of drones in places where safety is critical.

MAVLink compatible

Pulsar complies to MAVLink communication protocol standard. It means that Pulsar can be used with most existing Ground Control Stations (QGroundControl, MissionPlanner…).


Pulsar is adaptable to your drone.
The software architecture used for Pulsar development makes Pulsar easily adaptable to both your electronic and your drone (multicopters, fixe wings, blimps…).


Pulsar is able to diagnostic drone’s health, and to take the appropriate actions to guarantee a safe flight termination.

We bring years of expertise in safety critical avionics software to the world of drones.

We make drones safer to enable flying vehicles and risky operations like beyond visual line of sight or over populated areas.


The Hionos Team

Our team is composed of highly skilled and experienced engineers with a strong and successful experience in safety critical software development for both drones and avionics systems.


We are relying on more than 25 years of DO-178C DAL A software development.

Valentin Brossard


Etienne Zwiebel

Lead Software Developer

Amin Elmrabti

Sales Manager

William Weerts

Lead System Engineer

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